Gamla Riksarkivet


9 november 2023

The exciting history continues

The continuation of when Niklas shares his knowledge of history about Gamla Riksarkivet, which has an exciting history. Come along!

9 november 2023

Gamla Riksarkivet's exciting history

Niklas shares his knowledge of history about Gamla Riksarkivet, which has an exciting history. Come along!

8 november 2023

Why did the Christmas feast start at Gamla Riksarkivet?

Niklas shares why the Christmas feast started at Gamla Riksarkivet.

27 october 2023

Lucia at Gamla Riksarkivet

On Luciadagen, Lucia and her choir will come and sing for us at Gamla Riksarkivet.

17 october 2023

Get inspired by Niklas

We hung out with Niklas Ekstedt, who took us on a tour and showed us his favorite place at the National Archives, but also told us more about what happens here when it’s not Christmas dinner.

30 august 2023

Christmas in the library

The library, our chambre séparée, is a cozy and private setting where you can toast with sparkling Christmas drinks and enjoy the delicious food. It’s perfect for those who want to soak in the festive atmosphere and the cheerful buzz from the Godisrummet (candy room), while desiring a more intimate and heartfelt gathering during the meal. Let us fill your evening with Christmas joy and warm memories.

It can accommodate up to 35 guests.

24 august 2023

Santa theater

Weekends are extra special at Gamla Riksarkivet because Santa Claus comes to visit. Santa hands out Christmas presents in the cinema to all children who are going to have the Christmas buffet. Book the earliest seating to meet Santa!
Saturday & Sunday 10:30-13.00

16 november 2022

Niklas talks about this year's news

“This year we have chosen to do two collaborations, one is with Holy Smoke and the other is Pärlans Konfektyr. Both are dear to my heart. Holy Smoke because they are amazing at what they do and smoking is something I am very passionate about. Pärlans Konfektyr, because it is cozy and made in Stockholm. I like to preserve local products.”
– Niklas Ekstedt

11 november 2022

The guest has the floor

“Thank you so much for the best and only Christmas dinner you need to eat. It was wonderfully good, fantastic environment and super nice staff. Already looking forward to next year!”
– Amelie

3 november 2022

Christmas lunch

You haven’t missed that we also serve Christmas lunch from. 11/18? Book a Christmas lunch and bring your friends, family and colleagues. Treat yourself to a magical start to Christmas and book a classic Christmas table.

27 oktober 2022

A table for 2 or 114?

Something that is unique about us is our different rooms. Here you will find Forskarsalen, Arkivariet, Balkongen, Biblioteket and Salongen. If you have a favorite room, please request it when you book your table.

13 oktober 2022

What is a must for you to make the Christmas dinner complete?

The candy room at your place! Thought we were dreaming when we stepped in there last Christmas.”
– Julia

7 oktober 2022

Niklas talks about the Christmas dinner

“My Christmas dinner is traditional but with new elements every year, where the green is now a matter of course. From the very beginning, the Christmas dinner is a mixture of old traditions and dishes that have been added over the years, from different times and places. The dishes remain because they are genius.”
– Niklas Ekstedt

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