Gamla Riksarkivet


Our unique venue offers an exclusive setting for private dinners and grand celebrations, accommodating 8 to 1000 people. Why not immerse yourself in the splendor of history when commemorating the most significant moments of your life?

Five dining venues, a cinema, secret bars, and a private 500-square-meter courtyard creates an iconic oasis in the heart of the city. It’s a place where people gather, mingle, and create memories together—a space for creativity and community, where ideas flourish, and relationships grow. The food and beverages aren’t just part of the experience but its very heart.

Welcome to Gamla Riksarkivet (The Old National Archives).


Gamla Riksarkivet’s enriching history since 1887

Enter an iconic building in Stockholm

Gamla Riksarkivet, rising like a timeless palace from Riddarholmen in the heart of Stockholm’s city center, boasts a remarkable history dating back to 1887. The building tells stories from earlier generations, and where the walls whisper about the past.

Placed in the heart of Stockholm, we not only provide insight into the city’s history but also offer an opportunity for you, your friends, and colleagues to write your own chapter in the history book.

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Wedding party in a historic icon of Stockholm


A world where history is intertwined with a modern sense of exclusivity. Gamla Riksarkivet stands as a timeless palace from Riddarholmen, right in the heart of Stockholm’s inner city, boasting a remarkable history that dates back to 1887.

The building tells stories from past generations and its walls whisper of the past. Located in the heart of Stockholm, we offer not just a glimpse into the city’s history, but a unique opportunity to celebrate the most significant moment in life.Welcome to arrange your wedding at Gamla Riksarkivet.

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